Chad Whitaker is an artist whose work consists of photography, video and sculpture, exploring the ideas of dreams, memory and human emotion. After serving in the United States Army, Chad attended Kutztown University and received a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Studio Art. Chad then returned to academia to complete a Master of Fine Arts degree in Studio Art at Indiana University of Pennsylvania after an exchange program at the University of Zagreb in Croatia, where he studied sculpture and video. Chad’s work has been shown internationally. He is currently working and creating artwork in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.


Statement of Intent

The content of my work is derived from personal and dramatic aspects of my life. Reoccurring dreams and painful memories that I once tried to hide have become salient issues in my work. Allowing myself to use these aspects has renewed a sense of honesty in current work.   I choose to combine traditional materials such as steel, wood and bed sheets with technology such as light and video projection to appeal to the viewer on different emotional levels.  I’m interested in the memory inherent in materials, particularly, how certain materials’ qualities can affect the viewer by triggering memories of events in their past. Initially I am influenced by a singular idea relating to myself but as the works progress towards completion I move away from a singular narrative, allowing for the viewer to bring in their own ideas and their own past, giving the work a personal meaning.
    I’m interested in simplifying my work by avoiding excess. I want to keep my work direct while maintaining potency. I strive to create art that does not have a single answer for the viewer to figure out, but to be continually thought about without gaining closure.  The idea of exploring both the inner and outer self has become a reoccurring theme in most of my sculpture. Creating the work has become a healing mechanism in itself.